13 July 2009

D045 No more secret committess - kinda sorta

According to JB Chilton at The Lead, D045 has passed. Kudos and many thanks to Katie Sherrod who proposed this resolution.

    Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring, That the 76th General Convention direct that the membership of all committees, subcommittees, task forces, panels or other bodies elected or appointed by any body or leader throughout The Episcopal Church including, but not limited to, the House of Deputies, the House of Bishops, the Executive Council, Standing Commissions, Committees, Agencies and Boards of The Episcopal Church and their respective Presiding Officers and Chairs be publicly available within 30 days after election or appointment.


    The Episcopal Church should model in its governance and life the transparency and openness all Christians are called to demonstrate. Our Baptismal Covenant calls us to seek Christ in all people and to respect the dignity of every human being. Transparency in our dealings with one another is one way human dignity is respected. Conversely, secrecy is destructive of human dignity and of our common life. Making public the names of persons elected or appointed to any body charged to work in Christ's name for the good of the Church serves the Church's health and promotes trust in one another.
Emphasis mine, of course. The "kinda-sorta" bit is because they can be secret for thirty days. Too long in my opinion.

Many thanks, Katie! Ya done good; we're proud to know ya.